Villas for Sale in Jakarta: The Best Neighborhoods

Jakarta Villas

Jakarta, formerly known as Batavia, is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a coastal city that lies at the mouth of the Ciliwung River. Containing many suburbs, Jakarta has grown into a megapolitan city. It is the hub of Indonesia’s political, financial and trade activities. This doesn’t mean Jakarta is a boring city, quite the opposite in fact. It is a dynamic city with an active nightlife and activities around the clock.

Living in Jakarta is really interesting, quite comfortable and there are lots of living options. One of such options is Villas. Villas offer you enough space for you and your entire family while serving as very valuable real estate investment. Before choosing a place to stay, you should find out more about the great neighborhoods with villas for sale in Jakarta. We have researched for you and here are five of them.

Jakarta Villas


Located at the Central Jakarta district, Menteng is one of the most prestigious and oldest neighborhoods. It is also quite expensive to live in. Menteng is home to a lot of museums, government offices, and embassies. It also served as a trade and banking district during the Dutch colonial era, and so its architecture reflects that era.

Menteng is a convenient place to live, especially if you are working in any of the national and international businesses and industries located around that area. The cozy tree-lined streets and charming historic architecture mix with the proximity of Jakarta’s best dining, shopping, and nightlife to give you one of the best neighborhoods in the City.

Jakarta Villas


Bogor is the former capital of the ancient Sunda Kingdom and the location of one of the largest botanical gardens in the world. It is a very green city with lots of history and culture. Bogor is a throwback to the colonial era, but it still has urban features. Located in this neighborhood are museums, theatres, churches, and the Bogor Palace.

This neighborhood is located about 50 kilometers away from Jakarta, but can easily be reached by commuter train or a drive-in. Also, the cost of rent and real estate is quite affordable.

Jakarta Villas


This section of the city found in South Jakarta is one of the most fashionable districts. Featuring fashion boutiques that stock the best local and foreign items, Kemang is hip and youthful. It is packed with creative and artsy cafés and restaurants.

Kemang is also pretty pricey. But this is tempered by the fact that you’re getting value for your money. Living in a villa of your own surrounded by a lively crowd. Kemang is not only for the young but has perks for everyone.

Jakarta Villas

Pantai Indah Kapuk

This is in the Northern Jakarta district. It is a newer, up and coming community that seems to have a new chic restaurant and café every other month. This neighborhood is also a distinguished residential area that has its own, shopping mall, market, country club, water park, golf club, etc.
Pantai Indah Kapuk, when compared with some other neighborhoods is easier on the pockets, and still equipped with the right amenities.

Kebayoran Baru

This area in Southern Jakarta is a large section of the district. It is made up of different neighborhoods like Cinpete, Gandaria, Permata Hijau, Simprug, Wijaya SCBD, Blok M, etc. You will find international schools, excellent restaurants, homes with gated compounds, etc. in these neighborhoods. Its nightlife is thriving and exciting, and the cost of living here is more affordable than most other nice neighborhoods.