Things You Need To Consider Before Renting A Room In Luxembourg


Luxembourg has been a haven for expats and international students for a very long time. The Grand Duchy boasts of a culturally diverse population. Whether you are Asian, African, European, or any other race, you will find here a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

If you got a job in Luxembourg, your stay becomes top on your list of worries. You may want to rent a room temporarily until you get well settled. Thanks to the well-organized real estate structure, accommodation is less a problem than you think. Nevertheless, you need to consider specific criteria before you decide to rent a room.

As a reminder, you will need your ID and passport before you can get a room in Luxembourg. You may also be required to produce documents that indicate evidence of income or work permit as the case may be. Be sure to have all necessary documents handy.

Here, we present a few things that should help you make an informed decision to rent a room in Luxembourg.

Proximity to your place of work

Bus fares can quickly become an issue for your finances if you choose to live too far from your place of employment. Usually, rooms and apartments located close to industrial areas are relatively more expensive than those situated outside industrial areas. However, you can still get a good deal within these industrial areas that will keep your transport cost very low. The key to this is knowing where to look. You will hardly find any vacancy posters on any property. But no worries, Vauban fort Real Estate Agency helps you to rent a room in Luxembourg.

rent a room Luxembourg

Compare contracts

Once you meet with the local real estate agency, you may find some offers on the ground. Go through the contracts carefully. Sometimes, real estate agents will not inform you of the hidden charges that you’ll incur. It is only after your first month as a tenant that you realize you still have to pay some extra cash to cover for the use of individual utilities. Sometimes a room may appear cheaper because the hidden costs are not specified. That is why Vauban Fort stands out. All fees are made explicit, so you know you are paying for the room you desire. You can get more control over your finances when hidden costs are eliminated.

You should also watch out for clauses on whether or not pets are allowed in the room you are renting.

Neighborhood matters

Your neighborhood will directly impact the quality of your experience in Luxembourg. Even if you think of renting a room for a few months, you can still take advantage of an excellent environment. Do you like lush gardens and lawns? You want to be sure that you get the best deal possible that suit your preferences. If you have the luxury and choice for a great environment, take full advantage of it.

rent a room Luxembourg

Giving notice when leaving

It is expected of you as a tenant to give your landlord a three-month notice before vacating the property. Should you need to move out before your contract term expires, you can negotiate with the landlord or agent so a new tenant can be found for the room.

Finally, if you are renting a room for more than three months, you may be entitled to some discounts. Getting a room in Luxembourg is quite easier than you think if you follow due process.