Kuala Lumpur: Poised To Be The Next Big Thing In International Real Estate?

Kuala Lumpur is generally a cosmopolitan metropolis that provides both glossy cityscapes and century-old lifestyles and traditions. As such, it really isnt any wonder why people say that the place isn’t made for the faint of heart. However, it is definitely a dream come true for people who want to invest in real estate or simply want to add some Far Eastern flavor to their real estate portfolios.

Attracting Investors from All Over the World

Kuala Lumpur has easily become an attractive choice for local and foreign investors due to the recent changes in legislation and taxation. It helps that the economy remains strong and outside investment still keeps flooding in. In fact, a lot of Western corporations are starting to set up outposts there, as well.

When it comes to the kinds of properties available in Kuala Lumpur, they basically have a wide array of options for both serious and casual investments. From urban properties that overlook the business hub to tropical holiday properties that are set on gorgeous sand-filled lands with palm trees, Kuala Lumpur is known to be a great option for long-term investments by a lot of analysts in the field.

Kuala Lumpur real estate

Investment Opportunities

If you are on the lookout for a more serious investment that can garner you long-term rental incomes, then Kuala Lumpur properties would be a safe choice for you. Right now, the demand for their commercial and residential properties is quite strong, and there are a lot of new and old places for you to choose from there, all of which are backed up by huge demand. When compared with other vibrant and younger cities, Kuala Lumpur also proves to be a very affordable solution for real estate investors because houses with high market value have prices are much lower compared to other similar properties in other cities.

Here is an example: if you want to get a place with one bedroom in the center of the city like in Kiaraville, you can find one for $110,000 or so and this is already the epitome of todays modern living. The properties in Kuala Lumpur are generally very modern and are extremely comfortable, with everything from the architecture to the lighting being especially designed to provide a sense of comfort and space to their inhabitants. With great views, amazing recreational facilities and luxury amenities available, Kuala Lumpur developments boast of great rental potential and owner potential, regardless of what you are currently looking for.

Kuala Lumpur real estate

The Numbers..

Statistics show that around 1,170 residential units that cost at least RM1 million have exchanged hands. This is quite high, seeing as there were only 750 units sold at the exact same period of time the year before that. The emergence of green real estate is only pushing these numbers forward. Not counting the residential properties transacted from RM50,000 to RM100,000; every other pricing category from RM100,001 to RM 1 million witnessed a huge increase in terms of transactions in the city.

This really isn’t surprising, though After all, even though the rest of the world is still stuck in the financial rut that began in the U.S., Malaysians remain to be rich and still have high personal incomes, so they arent  that picky when it comes to investing in real estate, in general.

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